Army Navy Military Expo

Army Navy Military Expo

The Army Navy Military Expo is a B2B tradeshow that offers goods from the army, navy, tactical & law enforcement, camping & outdoors industries. We pride ourselves in knowing that we offer what other shows can’t, an intimate venue where orders can be written.

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The ANM Expo offers products that are more in tune with the typical Army-Navy store today – selling everything from military surplus, tactical gear, menswear, attitude clothing, outdoor goods, and many other ancillary product categories. The ANM Expo was established to provide a focused and hassle free venue for exhibitors and buyers in this unique industry.

Our mission is to deliver quality service to our Buyers and Exhibitors. The ownership and management of the ANM Expo are proud to have in place an Advisory Board made up of Buyers and Exhibitors to give us guidance so that we produce a show that is a win-win for all.

Our buyers continue to support the show with their response to our calls to action and their attendance at the ANM Expo. They like the intimate setting and relaxed pace of the show. Our buyers are dedicated to this show and we are dedicated to delivering a value added event to both our buyers and exhibitors.

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